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关于”写一篇家庭成员“英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Wte an article about family members。以下是关于写一篇家庭成员四级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Wte an article about family members

My family my name is XXXI. I have a happy family. My father is tall and stng.

He likes to go to work by bike. My mother is an accountant. She goes to work by car.

She likes diving and listening to music. She is very happy. Tomorw is her birthday.

My sister is a student. She is very betiful. She likes to play the piano and travel.

She goes to school. She takes the bus. I like drawing and playing comr s.

I'm Sunday Dving to school usually my sister and I go to the park. Sometimes I go to see my grandparents. My parents do housework.

You and my family all have a family. We live in it and feel very warm. There are three people in my family, my mother, my father and I.

We live happily together. There are many interesting stoes about my family. My father is a hard-working man.

He is a doctor I always try my best to ry patient and make them feel comfortable, but sometimes he works too hard to remember the date. My mother is a woman with a bad memory. She always does a lot of things, but sometimes she makes mistakes becse of carelessness.

For example, one day, she was washing clothes in the washing machine. After the washing machine finished her work, she found that she had not filled the washing machine with water. Now let me tell you You have an interesting thing: one day, my father wanted to get up early as usual, but he couldn't do it becse he didn't put his clothes away.

The alarm clock rang the night before. So when he got up, after dad left, he did rything in a hry. My mother said mysteously to me, "he will be back soon." why "I am spsed" becse today is Sunday, his holiday As my mother said, Dad went home soon and went to bed again.

You see, what an interesting family it is. I hope you can have one like me.




Note: to wte a composition entitled "the importance of interpersonal communication", you should at least wte an article according to the following Chinese outline. The importance of interpersonal communication is an era of information and knowledge. Interpersonal communication plays an increasingly important le in society and enterpses.

Why is interpersonal communication so important? There are some reasons for this new trend. First of all, it s People get to know each other better and eliminate misunderstandings. For example, in the family, communication makes family members closer becse they know each other.

Second, it s people to oain information and knowledge. If students can communicate with teachers and clasates , students can learn effectively. As for leaders or pfessionals, they need information, which largely depends on It depends on their communication channels.

Third, if there is no interpersonal communication, o life will ntually become a desert lacking of emotion and fendship. The communication beeen people makes o life vivid, interesting and lovely. As a social animal, human beings must communicate with each other, which cannot be overemphasized.




In this section, you can take a few minutes to wte an article commenting on "listening is important than speaking." you can give examples to illustrate the importance of listening. You should wte at least a few words. As the fas-gwing ori on the planet, human beings have o of the most powerful abilities: Listening and talking, not talking.

Listening is far ahead of o lives. The most typical example is that when we are used to not listening, in the communication beeen family members, we may only pay attention to oselves, iore other people's feelings, and n ht not to listen, so as to oain the necessary passport for true understanding, and the relationship beeen o family members may be a little alienated. In addition, listening can also impve the team's efficiency, which is crucial in such a society.

Conversation is o window to convey oselves, listening is a door for us to understand each other. Life without listening to each other is like a om without listening or listening carefully. Therefore, in my opinion at least, it is a necessity in o daily life and work, not a necessity luxy goods.



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