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关于”我喜欢的明星加“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:My favorite star Li Yifeng Jia。以下是关于我喜欢的明星加的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite star Li Yifeng Jia

At this time, the entertainment industry is probably the most "colorful", that is, a large number of stars, they naturally become the object of people, of course, I am also a member of "fans", my idol is very familiar, he is R & B's Xiao Li Yifeng, I don't like Li Yifeng, I like his songs, but I can't sing, I like to listen to alone, like to taste alone, I like his essence God, the spirit of not bowing to difficulties. Although his parents divorced when he was young, he faced life even though he suffered from ankylosing spondylitis and had a kind of perseverance in his heart. I like his talent.

You can break into a world and be known as "R & B little king". I only like Jay Chou. Although his mother said he was not handsome, his father said he was not good, and the teacher was very puzzled (I am not crazy, I saw it in the magazine) A disabled boy named Jay Chou has always been infatuated with Jay Chou.

He will try to find a way to go to Jay Chou's concert. Even Li Dong, who committed , knows the news and says that he won't go to see him. Many people don't understand Jay Chou's accusation, but they don't know Jay Chou's kindness.

If you go to see him, fans will not use the same way, then there won't be many people to watch it Idol and injured, this is a big truth, I think Li Dong in my life is too right, Li Dong like a sun, lit up my heart, let me have the strength to move forward, support Jay Chou is my eternal faith.




My favorite movie is love me again, mom. It's a touching story about a mother and her son. One day, her son disappeared.

Her mother was very worried. She looked for him everywhere, but she couldn't find him. She was so sad that she almost left.

Her son found his mother, but they didn't know each other. I cried when I saw the movie. Everyone said that it was so touching.

Mother is very good. My son is lovely. I like this little boy.

He makes me strong. I like it very much. This is my favorite.




Unremittingly, awa said, "although Li Yifeng is a cross border artist, he is always singing with a smile. Li Yifeng, who always smiles, is actually coming out of the show. He is called the national social dance champion by China mainland.

He is playing the picture of the song," Taisu insisted on his awesome brush face for seven years, and finally came to his own dawn. All his efforts are to save electricity for tomorrow. He gradually focuses on acting traner and finally goes out.

"He tells about a long time of insomnia. Later, a man sits in a room and doesn't turn on the lights for a long time." Li Yifeng is really hot now, but for a budding artist, it's a bit late. When it comes to the silence of those years, Li Yifeng confesses that he has lost it With the recession of the record industry, the sales of his album "that song" are not good.

Li Yifeng has lost the direction of development, "great anxiety". Now that he looks back in the dark period, he feels that his faith is gradually retreating.



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