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关于”适合晨读励志“英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Inspiration for morning reading。以下是关于适合晨读励志初中英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Inspiration for morning reading

Don't use sad numbers to tell me that life is just an illusory dream, becse the soul is dead, sleeping, and things are not what they seem to be. Life is real, life is seous, grave is not its goal. You are dust.

Dust comes back. It has not said that soul has no enjoyment and no sorw. It is o destiny and o way, but action.

Tomorw will compare Today we go fther. Art is long, and time is fleeting. Although o hearts are stng and brave, they are still like low drums.

In the funeral to the grave, in the vast battlefield of the world, and in the camp of life, we should not be like stupid cattle, dven cattle, hees in struggle, and do not beli in the fute. Howr, it is pleasant to let the past by its dead behavior We can make o lives sublime. When we leave, we will leave footpnts on the sand of time.

Maybe another one, sailing in the solemn Lord of life, an isolated and lost bther. When we see it, we should cheer up. Then, let's do it, With a heart struggling for any destiny that is still being realized, we are still psuing learning, labor and waiting.




How to impve morning reading many students' wng way of morning reading is not effective. I have some suggestions to impve morning reading. First of all, we should read pposefully to make o reading effective.

Reading here and there wastes time. Then please make a plan before o reading to impve the quality and make us arter. I think we should check the effect of reading by oselves 。 Reviewing the text is one of the best ways.

Moreover, reading is a pject and don't expect you to finish it easily. More planning, details, the ght pcedes are good for you, but not least. I suggest that we wte some ideas about o reading books so that we can understand them better.





I can't but think of the scene before the high school entrance examination. Generally speaking, Hooke (o Chinese teacher) can evaluate o compositions to descbe the moment when the paper was issued. I held my breath and saw o red visible figes.

Then I was stunned. Oh, my God, my words tned out to be a histoc "breakthugh". The only difference was that I came out of faile, which is unprecedented I don't know whether it is complete or not, becse human beings sow seeds, so he wants to harvest.

What I eat is this table. As we know today, the ancients said, "the wind is rustling, the wind is cold." today I sigh, "my feet, it's over." I can beli it now. One of the best reasons for this field is that the first pcess is that we don't know how to work hard and stick to the spit of hard work.

Some of them are just three minutes' heat. Of cose, this habit is the main raw mateal for faile. Thugh the ages, we can't achi great things.

The terrain and the climate. All the luck goddesses have come out of my side. But without Joe, she can't get into the loss The abyss of defeat, how high can I climb, whether I can fall down, I really picked up the paper.

The shocking mistake is that a fork bayonet rushes towards the sharp direction, and I almost can't hold it. This is not a kind of swing family playing table tennis tonight, men's singles, women's singles or mixed doubles. My life is a piece of cake.

That complacent arce let me know how all I am It's a all retbution for me. It's just like a wake-up call to call me a faile with nothing ahead of time. Faile may be succesul, and success will pve nothing.

It will become history. We can not only work hard with the great expectation of the pphet, but also have a short time.



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