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关于”声音怎么说“英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:What do you say about the voice。以下是关于声音怎么说小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What do you say about the voice

Volunteeng a community is made up of a gup of people whose existence depends on them. People may live in close pximity rather than in a community, bee the word community means community action, where neighbors work together to a better place to live, so it's important for all of us. If I have a few hos a month to contbute to o community, I will try to and ptect green in my community Beeen.

I feel that ptecting green is a worthwhile work, and it is of great value to my community. This is particularly important bee I live in an ban community - open parks are limited in the city and often sacficed for fther dlopment. Ptecting these s and building new parks will be a way to ptect the scarce resoces of the community.

Pviding green for my neighbors can increase the feeling of the community and impve the relationship beeen neighbors. This is bee attractive parks encoage people to go out in a relaxed atmosphere and interact with others. In addition, by betifying the community, it will make residents exposed to nate and encoage them Exercise and live a healthier life.

These are just some of the benefits of having green and parks in the community, bee it's so beneficial to the community. That's how I choose to invest my free time in this way. I hope to make a meaningful contbution to my neighbors and neighbors.





Some people think that we can't find a good pfessional in some cities to work in the western region. We pved that they are wng. Most of the people working in the western region had enviable career before.

Bee the motherland and the dlopment of the western region need qualified talents, they quit their jobs without hesitation and took the west to the motherland construction. I once read an article like this: one in each An excellent English teacher working in a big city applied to join Xinjiang in order to give up his excellent working and living conditions. He tght the junior squadn in the town, and there was no English teacher in the school.

As a result, the English class in his school started o years later. He not only decided to stay here, but also accepted his son to gw up in Xinjiang. He is a pme minister fm generation to generation In order to give Xinjiang some stren, Chuang's teacher is full of respect in the article.

He is like the poplar on the Gobi desert. Where it is needed, it will take ot quickly and gw stng branches. No matter what the wind and rain, dught or flood, it is always so stng and unshakable.




How I spent the weekend. Nothing unusual happened last week. I get up later than usual on Satday morning.

After breakfast, I went to my fend ar's house to read cartoons. His father bought him a lot of the la comi for him to be fends with. I be to read comi until lunch time.

I didn't go home until lunch time. Taking a nap is a please. I can only indulge in them on weekdays.

On weekdays, I don't have time to rest. For the rest of the afternoon, I ed my father weed out the garden and tm the hedges. We stayed up until it was dark.

I took a bath and had dinner. After dinner, I watched TV. It was time to go to bed.

I also got up late on Sunday morning. At breakfast, I listen to the radio while eating cornflakes and milk. Then I spent another morning doing my homework.

I took a nap after lunch. When I finished my homework, I finished my homework. It's already ning.

It's great to relax after I've done all my homework in the neighborhood. After dinner, I put my books in my schoolbag and went to bed early. I have to get enough sleep, or I'll fall asleep at school the next day, so it's another weekend.








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