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关于”毕业后回到小乡镇“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Return to small town after graduation。以下是关于毕业后回到小乡镇的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Return to small town after graduation

Some students feel bored and can't wait to find a job. They are eager to live a life with less intellectual pressure and less economic pressure. Work can provide them with the opportunity to continuously solve problems that require a combination of textbook knowledge and practical ability.

B however, some students plan to continue their 's degree. In terms of professional academic preparation, the knowledge and skills acquired at the undergraduate stage are far from enough. It is a reasonable fact that more and more graduates are in need of updating their knowledge and improving their skills, and the news that highly educated graduates are living better has spread from the shrinking job market.

All this shows that if I face a choice, it is difficult for a bachelor's degree to qualify students for competitive positions. I prefer to stay for a 's degree. I know that my choice means a commitment to time and money, but opportunities always come in the form of difficulties and obstacles.

The days may be hard and hard, but they must be substantial and rewarding, and they will certainly bring a prosperous future.





I think big cities are a little intolerable, a little too noisy, and a little too dirty. I think it's easy to feel lonely in the city because there are so many people, everyone keeps silent to themselves, and people are often rude because they think they will never see each other again. On the other hand, there's something to do in the city, nothing to do in a small town, unless yoeally like to play mini golf, and there are museums, community theatres, culture and other types of things in the city, and you can find any mystery you like.

The town may not have a good Thai restaurant or a second-hand bookstore or something else that I really miss, When there is no one living in the city, I am used to going out to buy this or that. But where I live now, I always find it difficult to find a part-time job in the city, but at least there are some interesting jobs in remote places. Apart from the retail industry, food service industry and so on, nothing can be done.

All the worst jobs are completely meaningless, No one wants to do it.




After graduation, what I want to say is that I will resolutely take the first step in my life. What I want to say is that over the past three years, I thank the teacher for the joy and affection brought to my classmates. I will smile and wave to attract others, so that the smile will be fixed on our only platform this summer.

Under this platform, we can not only see the lovely big eyes, but also the lovely face, and the smiling face, as if watching At that time, all kinds of teachings that the teachers told me suddenly appeared. They were all absorbed in thinking about their ignorance and mischievous. They were also very grateful for the teachers' hard work.

I respect teachers and I wish you well. You heard that Wei Wei heard of an article called "my teacher" and reviewed it. What's more, I think I have such a tutor.

She gave it to Li Lizhu The name is right. Now I walk into the prosperous city from the mountains. Now I can take up a pointer and walk on your platform.

I'm happy for you for the children in the countryside. The children have dry scenery, blue sky and endless dreams to fly. But I'm a little different, because I met you.

At that time, I like to write a fantasy like a child who loves reading and loves each other All kinds of books, my dream is to become a writer who can write many articles. However, Mr. Li, you know that I love these.

I remember my dream very clearly from the first time I encouraged me, and then I wrote the text for the first time in grade two. You changed my article with the Title of "my father", and encouraged me to read aloud in front of him with a smile. All the students enjoyed it I feel weak and self abased in my heart.

At that moment, I was full of joy and pride to be able to do good and profitable nostalgia. Of course, my heart owes me much more than this. One thing has always been hidden, and no teacher is honest, and often think of all regrets.



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