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关于”人与动物和谐相处“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Man and animals live in harmony。以下是关于人与动物和谐相处的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Man and animals live in harmony

Now we are going to talk about the harmony between human beings and birds in nature. Birds bring infinite joy to human beings. At a sad time, I heard the birds singing this song in the branches with thousands of clear voices.

They were so sad that they suddenly forgot behind us. They were intoxicated by the beautiful songs. Some people heard the beautiful birds' voices, and no one could help singing again.

This is not the case Happy feeling, only really appreciate can understand, then perhaps you will feel that you are the most enjoy people in the world, birds are very smart, very friendly, can catch new pests, can catch voles, can also bring happiness, this alone, we will get along with birds in harmony.




(harmony between man and nature) man and nature are an interactive force. Looking back at the long history, we can find that there was harmony between man and nature. At that time, nature was a pure land to be cultivated.

Human beings who sowed and harvested respected nature, and it was a part of nature. People today seem to be s of nature. When we destroy the order of the natural world, nature is torn to pieces, and we are the ultimate victims, because nature is seeking revenge.

The disappearing forests, the dry rivers, the polluted soil and the deteriorating climate are all punished. Greedy human beings, we get too much from nature, but have too little expectation for the future. When we gain rationality, we remember With the deep interdependence between man and nature, when the citizens of the world persevere in protecting nature, nature will be our friends, not our slaves or servants.

People can live in harmony with nature, have commitment, work hard and new technology (the relationship between man and nature). As we all know, nature is the most important thing for human beings to survive on nature, and human beings need new technology Fresh air, water and vegetables all come from natural industries, which need fuel and raw materials, but also from nature. Human beings belong to nature.

Therefore, they are high-level animals existing in nature. If we destroy nature, to some extent, we will shrink ourselves. Human beings have not paid enough attention to this argument, such as destroying the ecological balance and destroying the week Surrounding environment, smoke stackers emit toxic gases into the atmosphere, factories dump garbage into rivers and streams, forests are cut down, citizens dump garbage everywhere, and groundwater is extracted unrestricted.

As scientists predict, if we continue to do this, there will be a er to us one day. In short, human beings will destroy the whole earth and can't live any longer. We human beings must Live in harmony with nature.




In the morning, the sun is showing a small half face, like a shy little girl "an ORF" dog happily gets up. He gets up on time like a clock every day, and wakes up before dawn. I get up, go upstairs first, stretch out my legs, bend down, and do morning exercises.

When dog Huanhuan runs up, it is the first time to rub my feet with my feet, and there is a voice coming from the hum, needless to say, that is When I had breakfast, I came out of a bowl. Before I had time to put soup and food, the small bowl had already been eaten. From time to time, it was like saying, "thank you, little ." in the afternoon, the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing gently on the roadside trees.

I stayed at home bored. He found that he was lying on the ground and sleeping late.



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