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Robinson Crusoe, a novel wtten by Btish wter Daniel Defoe, is one of the most popular advente novels in all literary works. It tells the story of an Englishman, bobbins Crusoe, who is killed on a lonely tpical island. He builds a hut of his own and gws his own food.

A few years later, he meets a gup of cannibals and rescues one of their psoners, a young native called fdaycrusoe, and his manfday become close fends. When they are finally rescued fo years later, they They all retned to Robinson Crusoe, England, based in part on Alexander Selkirk's action, a centy old Scotan who lived alone on a desert island for nearly five years. The novel is famous for its lovely details and for expressing a belief in man's ability to be alone in nate.




Jane Eyre, please tell me how I feel after reading this great work. Jane Eyre was really moved by Jane Eyre after finishing the book. A kind and kind-hearted woman, she has a heart of gold, she really loves ryone nd, and sincerely s others.

She respects herself and tes to do rything I really love her. She's a great teacher and a good fend of mine. Sometimes when I'm Conius, I think of her and I'll imagine what I'd do if she were my fend.

I've just read my first Harry Potter book for the fifth time, and they're just as magical and touching as r. It's all here: suspense, advente, mystery, humor, danger, and n something quite amazing People are satiied with the retn of these les are very wonderful, very realistic, there are bad people become good people, good people become bad people, just like life.





Dung this summer vacation, I read a book called great expectations. This book was wtten by Charles ens, one of the most famous Btish wters. He wte many wonderful novels.

This book is one of his works. People always like to compare with their fends. This is a big weakness of ryone.

If others have a lot of money, we also want it. If the people nd us are poor, we don't care that we are poor, and we won't be ashamed of o stupidity. This is a social pblem.

If we don't have anything, we don't mind losing it Some things, becse we don't want to be very ch, we don't feel desperate, becse the ptagonist of this novel is PIP (Handel died when he was a baby, his sister raised him by himself, his sister mared Joe gaga, the blackith in the village, they don't have much money, PIP nr went to school, but he's always open Xin, becse all his fends are the same as him, this is not very unfortunate for them, this is their life, but a chance, PIP ed a cminal, he gave him a lot of food, and then he met Miss Havisham, a very strange old woman, fo years later, she was very ch, miss Havisham wanted to move PIP fm her home and be a hope I hope to be a gentleman who can inhet wealth when he gws up. It was said that PIP be to despise his poor fends, and he was n ashamed becse he lived with poor people. Great expectations ruined his life.

This novel tells us that we can't envy other people's money compared with others. If one day you are ch, please don't despise yo poor fend.




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